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Are there any additional fees for a Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) loan?

  • We’ve made sure all of our fees and costs are simple and transparent. If you take out a Funding Circle business loan, including RLS, there is a one-off completion fee of 5% if you accept your offer. 
  • There are no hidden charges or extras like monitoring fees, review fees, security fees or early repayment fees on any of our loans.
  • We’ve listed any other fees that may apply here:
    • If your loan is placed into default, we may charge an additional Collections Charge of up to 15% of the outstanding loan amount at the time of default.
    • Any and all legal costs and/or third party costs incurred in the course of recovering the debt will be recoverable.
    • The additional costs that may apply to a RLS loan or a Funding Circle business loan taken out after April 2021 can be seen here.
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