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Your Spring Promotion questions

When will I receive my Amazon vouchers? 

We are currently running the analysis of the promotion and are aiming to send out prizes by the end of July - if this changes, we’ll let you know. 


What did I have to do to qualify for a prize? 

You needed to register for the promotion via your account.

We’ll now look at the amount added to your account between 3rd of March and 30th of April 2020, minus any withdrawals. This will determine the vouchers you’ll qualify for. If you have both ISA and Classic accounts, we’ll look at the amount added between them. 

You needed to have lending switched on and have kept those funds lent out until end of June 2020. If you withdrew funds (from either your Classic or ISA account) you may receive a lower voucher amount or no longer qualify. 

For full terms and conditions click here. 


What should I do if I’m not sure I qualified? 

If you have qualified, we'll then send your vouchers out to your registered email address. We’re aiming to do this by the end of July. 

If you don’t hear from us by the end of July but believe you have qualified, you can get in touch via and we will check for you.

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