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We've improved our selling tool! 

On 24/6/19 we improved our selling tool to give you the best chance to sell your requested amount. 

The tool will now select which loan parts are to be sold when you get to the top of the queue, instead of at the time you requested to sell. 

This means that as long as a loan part is ‘live’ when it is time to sell, then it can be sold on to other investors, even if it’s status has changed during the queue time (eg: it had been late or processing, but is now live again). 

Due to this change, your downloadable loan parts report will no longer show loan parts with a ‘for sale’ status. Instead, you can check back on the ‘Sell’ tab to check how much you have requested to sell. You will still receive an email when your sale request is successful.

Remember, selling loans is not instant and depends on demand from other investors looking to buy at that time. We cannot guarantee  how long it might take for your loan parts to sell, however you can find the latest sell times here.

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