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How to recognise phishing

Email communication from Funding Circle will always have “” as the domain name. If the domain name has been varied in any way, including the capitalisation of certain letters, this may indicate that the person purporting to be an employee of Funding Circle is a fraudster. However be aware, fraudsters can falsify (spoof) the ‘from’ address to look like a legitimate Funding Circle address.

Communication from Funding Circle will:


  • Never ask you to verify both your username and password, whether over the phone or by email.
  • Never ask you to disclose personal or payment information by email, except where no or incorrect payment information has been provided and we require partial information to verify.
  • Always refer to its customers by their name, and will not begin greetings with wording such as “Dear Customer” or “Dear Valued Customer”.
  • Never send links. Other than in answer to any question directed to our Customer Relations team, or, in any automated investor sign-up emails or through Funding Circle promotions.
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