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How is the risk band of my loan determined?

The risk band your business loan is placed in will depend on the outcome of our assessment process. We consider information such as your credit score, which we source from a wide range of sources including Experian. Thousands of factors are taken into account when assigning a risk band, including:


  • Director's commercial track record
  • Director's consumer scorecards
  • Financial trend information
  • Commercial invoice payment performance
  • Size and age of business
  • Industry sectors and geographical region
  • County Court Judgements and bankruptcies (current and historical)
  • Filed or formally prepared accounts
  • Latest management accounts
  • Director's consumer information
  • Loan purpose


The risk bands range from A+ to E, where A+ is lowest risk. You will be notified of your risk band and interest rate once your application has been processed.

For more information on Experian's Delphi Score, please see this page.

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