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What fees do Funding Circle charge?

Our fee structure is simple and transparent. There are no hidden charges and extras like monitoring fees, review fees, security fees, or early repayment fees. If, and only if, you accept a loan offer the following one-off charge will apply*: 


Loan type

 Loan term


Unsecured and secured business loans                  

6 months - 1 year

0.9%- 4.9%

2 - 3 years

2.9%- 6%

4 - 5 years

4.5%- 6%                 

Asset finance

6 months - 5 years




The table above outlines our fee structure for business loans.

Funding Circle will never, under any circumstances, ask you for an upfront fee in order to borrow through the Funding Circle marketplace. There is no fee to submit an application for review and no obligation to accept your loan offer.  Fees are based on your total loan amount and are deducted from the loan proceeds before being paid to you. You can repay early for free and only pay interest for the time you borrow.

We also charge a 1% annual servicing fee on the amount outstanding on any loan.  This is included in the interest rate payable by the borrower and taken directly from the loan repayments made by borrowers. The servicing fee covers the costs of running the website and maintaining the loans.

* A higher completion fee may be charged for applications managed by introducers. The fee charged may be added to the loan amount borrowed. You can request what this fee is from the agent or introducer acting on your behalf.

** Includes £100 finance arrangement charge from Funding Circle Asset Finance. Excludes quarterly instalments of £1 per quarter and Final Payment charge of £10 payable to Funding Circle Asset Finance on the Purchase Completion date once the loan to Funding Circle investors has been fully repaid.

Further to the above, an administration fee of 15% of arrears may be applied to any repayments that are more than 7 days late.

If your loan is placed into default, we may charge an additional collections charge of up to 15% of the outstanding loan amount at the time of default.
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