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How can I transfer funds into my Funding Circle ISA?

  • Transfers into an ISA account operate in the same way as your Classic account, either via a debit card or bank transfer
  • In order to help you diversify and achieve a more stable return, we have introduced an initial minimum card deposit of £1,000 when opening an ISA or new Classic account
  • You can also transfer any existing ISAs you hold over to your Funding Circle ISA, subject to any restrictions set by your current provider.  This means that any funds you hold in a Cash, Stocks & Shares, or Innovative Finance ISA can be transferred to your Funding Circle ISA without affecting your current tax year ISA subscription, unless you are transferring any funds you have used to subscribe to an ISA this tax year. 
  • More information on how to transfer an existing ISA can be found here.
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