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Are there any restrictions on loan parts that I can sell?

To protect other investors, there are some restrictions on which loan parts you can sell. You can’t sell loan parts:

  1. Which have had their risk band removed (for example when a CCJ has been registered against the business)
  2. Have a processing status. Loans have this status for the first 5 days a repayment is overdue; this is often caused by a delay with the direct debit being processed and will be resolved within a few days. You may see an increase in processing repayments following bank holidays as the direct debit payments take longer to process.
  3. That are late (have currently missed a repayment) or are in default
  4. That have one payment remaining

These restrictions are sometimes temporary. If a business gets back on track with their repayments and there are no remaining issues, we can reinstate the risk band and the loan part can be sold.

Please note that if a loan part you have listed for sale enters one of the above statues before it is sold it will be removed from the sale queue.  

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