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How can I transfer money into my Funding Circle Investor Account?

You can transfer money into your Funding Circle in two ways:

  1. Debit card – If you are transferring in money for the first time, follow the onscreen instructions to type in your card details and the amount you want to credit your account with. Funds will be available immediately for lending. A minimum of £100 applies.
  2. Bank Transfer – You can transfer money directly from your own bank either by internet or telephone banking, or in a bank branch into your Funding Circle investor account. Details of how to do this can be found in the ‘Transfers’ tab in My Account . Payments made by ‘Faster Payments’ will usually be available for lending in 1 -2 working days, or 3 -5 working days if made by a BACS transfer. If you want to make a large transfer of greater than £10,000 from your bank account by CHAPS please contact us on the Funding Circle website.

Unfortunately credit cards cannot be used to credit your Funding Circle account.

Further details of how to make these transfers can be found in the ‘Transfer Money In’ section of My Account.

If you are transferring in money using a bank transfer you may want to set up your Autobid settings or place loans on your Watchlist in advance, so that you can lend as soon as money has cleared into your Funding Circle investor account. Remember, you are lending to businesses, and your investment may go down as well as up.

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