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How do I lend?

In order to lend at Funding Circle you must create a Funding Circle investor account and transfer funds into your Funding Circle Investor Account.

There are two main ways to lend at Funding Circle:

  1. You can lend easily and automatically using the Autobid tool
  2. Or you can choose the businesses you want to lend to yourself, by reviewing loan requests or purchasing parts of existing loans from other investors in the Loan Parts section of your account.

A bid is the amount of money you want to lend to a business. If your bid is successful and the business accepts their loan offer, your money will be transferred from your Funding Circle investor account to the Funding Circle account of the borrower. You will then hold a loan part, which entitles you to monthly repayments at the interest rate stated on the loan part. Remember, you are lending to businesses so your capital is at risk. 

You can find more information on the How to Lend page.

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