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How do I become an investor and how do I lend?

Please note: We are not currently accepting new sign-ups and have paused new lending for existing retail investors.


Lending directly to businesses through Funding Circle couldn’t be simpler. To get started you’ll first need to set up your investor account via the website and select an investor profile, this should only take a couple of minutes. Following this, new investors will be required to take a short introductory quiz. This is designed to help ensure all investors understand how Funding Circle works and the nature of their investment and is a regulatory requirement. You will be able to retake the quiz if you don’t pass the first time.

You’ll be able to choose from two lending options depending on your personal preference:


  • You only lend to creditworthy businesses that have been assessed as lower risk
  • This option has a lower projected return, with a lower estimated bad debt rate


  • You lend to the full range of creditworthy businesses to build a balanced portfolio
  • This option has a higher projected return, with a higher estimated bad debt rate

Once you have transferred funds into your Funding Circle account and turned on your lending option, you will begin to lend your funds to businesses.

You will place an order at a minimum of £10, up to a maximum of 0.5% of your portfolio to each business. Once each loan has been filled with orders from investors, your order will become a loan part.

The minimum amount you can lend to a business is £10, so if you have less than £2,000 in your account you will lend £10 to each business.

You will receive a monthly payment of either interest, or principal and interest, from each of your loan parts. While you keep lending active on your account, these repayments will then be lent out to more borrowers, compounding your interest and maximising your return.

You can change your lending option, or turn off new lending, at any time by going to the ‘Lending settings’ tab in your account. Simply select the option you’d prefer and click save. Please note this will only affect new lending on your account.

Remember, by lending to businesses your capital is at risk.

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