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Can I get access to my money before the end of a loan term?

Please note: We are not currently accepting new sign-ups and have paused new lending for existing retail investors.

When you lend through Funding Circle, your money is matched to loans in your portfolio, which have a duration of up to 5 years. As a result, it is important to treat lending as an investment, not a savings account, and investors should only lend money they are comfortable with being invested for up to five years.

Investors are able to access their funds in two ways:

  1. Switch lending off. Businesses pay back interest and principal each month, so by simply switching lending off, you will receive approximately 3-5% of your outstanding portfolio after the first month and approximately 30-40% of your money back after the first 12 months.*
  2. Our selling tool matches investors looking to sell loan parts with investors looking to buy. As part of our ongoing measures to protect investor returns, we have taken the decision to pause this option while we continue to evaluate the potential impact of Covid-19. You can find out more information on our blog.

*These figures are based on the average repayment rate for all loans outstanding on the 1st of September 2019. As you are lending to your own individual portfolio of loans, your actual repayment rate may differ.

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