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How much can I lend?

There is no maximum limit to the total amount you can lend to businesses through Funding Circle.

To give you the best chance of earning a stable return your lending will be spread across many businesses. No more than 0.5% of your portfolio (subject to a minimum of £20) will be lent to a single business.

The most you will lend to any single business is £2,000, although if you have a larger account your lending to each business will be split into smaller parts no larger than £100 each.

For example, an investor with an account size of £100,000 will lend £500 (0.5%) to each business. That £500 will be split into five loan parts of £100 each. This makes them easier to sell to other investors if you want to access your money early.

Some loan parts made before 18th September 2017 were larger than £100. Therefore there may be instances where you buy loan parts larger than £100 from other investors, providing that loan part is no larger than 0.5% of your portfolio.

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