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How are payments made?

FlexiPay is simple and quick to use. You sign in to your account and then enter the details of the invoice you want to pay.

In order for a supplier to receive payment in your name and with any specific transaction references you need to add, we’ll set up a Payment Account for you. This is done through a payment service provider called Modulr. When you make a supplier payment request, we’ll instruct Modulr to make a payment from your Payment Account using the payment details supplied through your FlexiPay Account. If your payment request is approved, Modulr will pay the supplier directly from your Payment Account and the payment will be received by the supplier in your name.

Your Payment Account is secure and confidential, and the account will not be used for anything else. You won’t notice any of this as we’ll take care of it for you, but you will need to accept Modulr’s terms, which give us permission to act on your behalf in this way.

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