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Who are the businesses I am lending to?

Please note: We are not currently accepting new sign-ups and have paused new lending for existing retail investors.


You’ll lend to hundreds of established, creditworthy businesses in different sectors and regions throughout the UK. They may use their loan for a wide range of purposes, including to hire staff, buy new stock or equipment, open new premises or boost cash flow. All businesses will have been trading for 2 years or more, but our average business is 8 years old.

Average business

  • 8 years old
  • Employs 5-10 people
  • Turnover of 420,000

Businesses have borrowed from every region in the UK, and tens of thousands of jobs have been created directly and indirectly thanks to lending through Funding Circle. For every £1 lent, an estimated £2 is added to the UK economy, so your lending really will make a huge difference to British businesses and our economy.

Types of businesses

There are two types of loans on Funding Circle – small business loans and property finance – and there are slight differences to how they work.

Small business loans

Business owners may need finance for many reasons, for example to expand their premises or hire new staff. Their loans will be covered by a Personal Guarantee from the shareholders of the business. They will pay back their loan in monthly instalments of both principal (the original loan amount) and interest.

You can read more about the key features and risks of lending to small businesses here.

Property finance loans

By helping experienced property professionals build new residential homes, refurbish existing properties or access short-term finance, you can support small housebuilders bridge the housing shortage facing the UK.

All property finance loans are secured against an asset, which means if the borrower is unable to pay their loan, Funding Circle can enforce the security to repay investors. Unlike small business loans, investors will typically receive monthly instalments of interest, with the principal repaid at the end of the loan term when properties are sold.

You can read more about the key features and risks of lending to property professionals here.

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