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About your new lending experience

When are you launching the new lending experience?

Our new and improved lending experience launched on 18th September.

What businesses will I be lending to?

Investors choosing the Balanced option will lend across a balanced mix of risk bands (A+ to E), while those choosing the Conservative option will focus on lending to lower risk borrowers (A+/A initially). The risk bands included within each option may change in future, in-line with changes to the overall loanbook.

Which lending option am I being moved to?

We have sent you a separate email letting you know if you are being transferred to a new lending option, and what that option is. If you have not received this email you can find out by contacting our Investor Support team either at, or by calling 020 7401 9111.

What if I don’t want to be moved to a new lending option?

If you are being transferred to a lending option (for example if you are currently using Autobid), you can pause your lending by turning Autobid off. This will stop you from lending to businesses on 18th September. You will be able to select or change your lending option at any time before or after 18th September.

How can I change my lending option?

  •         Before 18th September: If you are not being transferred to a lending option (for example if you don’t currently use Autobid) you will be able to select an option next time you log into your Funding Circle account. You can change your lending option by navigating to the Autobid page and following the link.
  •         On and after 18th September: you will be able to change your lending option at anytime. Your choice of lending option will only affect any new lending, and will not change existing loan parts you own.

Will I still be able to view the businesses I am lending to?

Yes, you will continue to be able to view all the businesses you are lending to, including the amount you are lending to each one, in the My Loan Parts section of your summary page. You will also be able to view your transaction statement and any comments made on individual loans.

Can I choose the loan length or industry of the businesses I lend to?

We want all investors to have the best chance of earning an attractive, stable return by building a well-diversified portfolio across regions and industries, so you will not be able to filter your lending options. If you want to access your money early, there is no cost to do so as we have removed the sale fee of 0.25%.

How will the secondary market work?

  •         Before 18th September: On 21st August we launched a sell page that simplifies how investors buy and sell loan parts. You can sell your loan parts by going to the sell page and telling us how much you’d like to withdraw. We’ll list a selection of your loan parts for you approximate to that value. Once they’ve sold, the loan parts will appear as available funds which you can transfer to a nominated bank account. We have also removed the 0.25% fee to sell your loan parts. You will be able to sell individual loan parts and set a premium or discount up until 18th September.
  •         On and after 18th September: Any remaining loan parts listed for sale at a premium or discount will be delisted and the option to sell loan parts individually will be withdrawn. All loan parts listed from 18th September will be sold at par value. All investors will buy loan parts from other investors, based on their lending preference.

Will I be able to sell loan parts that are larger than £100?

Yes. The new lending tool will only split loans into smaller parts of £100 when lending to new businesses. Investors may still buy loan parts larger than £100 from other investors, providing they are no larger than 0.5% of the buyer’s portfolio.

Will I still lend to property loans?

Yes, both Balanced and Conservative lending options will lend to secured property development loans. Please note we intend to stop all new property development lending by mid-2018.

How will my experience change when logged in?

You’ll still be able to keep track of your investments with your Summary, however from today you can enjoy a simpler selling experience with our new Sell page. On 18th September we will also launch a new area to manage your lending option. The Loan Request (where you can bid on individual loans and ask borrowers questions) and Loan Parts (where you buy individual loans from other investors) pages will be withdrawn on 18th September.

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